Scott Carpenter

Underground Fitness

Phoenix, Arizona


I had a business degree and a career with a large corporation. I was successful, but it wasn’t fulfilled. I’m an entrepreneur at heart. I wanted flexibility, not red tape.


I started working as a trainer in a fitness gym to gain experience. When a gym shut down nearby, I bought it and started my own fitness center. I love my business and I’m passionate about fitness. It’s been five years and we have two locations with three full-time employees at each, and are opening a third, with plans for a fourth. What’s most rewarding is having the freedom to try for myself and see what works.


When it was time to seek financing, I hit a lot of dead ends. Then I found Accion. It was such a positive experience. Accion cared about my character and had faith in me and my business. I’ll be going back to Accion.